Tomek "Grych" Gryszkiewicz

IT professional, in business since 1997

Please check my newest projects:

Drab: The Phoenix library to access the browser from server-side

Tired of Ajax/JS? Try Drab. You can control the browser page directly from the server.

Tarkin, the Team Password Manager

Tarkin is highly secure Team Password Manager with API for using it in the scripts and command-line client.

Ruby for Admins

it is a book (or blog) for all the Sysadmins, DBAs or Application Administrators which want to learn and use the modern programming language in their daily duties. It is free!

Welcome to my homepage! is an individual business based mostly on my own work. Feel free treating it as a IT professional, or a freelance specialist to hire for a contract - and treat this page as my professional CV.
I started the business in 1997, being unix administrator. At the next years I have been a developer of a software which boosts some financial systems, creator of few online shops, databases administrator, java developer, then peoplesoft technical specialist and - last but not least - iPhone developer.
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